Jim Jaeger

General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions, San Antonio, TX

Jim is responsible to develop and evolve the company’s cyber services strategy while synchronizing it with product strategy. He previously managed the Network Defense and Forensics business unit, including the Digital Forensics Lab. Jim has led cyber forensics investigations into large network breaches and has held a leadership role for a wide range of cyber programs including General Dynamics’ support for the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center, the Defense Computer Forensics Lab, and the Defense Cyber Crime Institute. Previously, he created General Dynamics’ information assurance and critical infrastructure protection group, which has developed a wide variety of information assurance tools including the Air Force’s intrusion detection infrastructure and the only network-based, multi-level security system accredited by the National Security Agency. Jim is a former Brigadier General in the United States Air Force and his military responsibilities include serving as the Director of Intelligence for the U.S. Atlantic Command, Assistant Deputy Director of Operations at the National Security Agency, and Commander of the Air Force Technical Applications Center. In these capacities, he was responsible for the collection and reporting of intelligence to Theater Commanders and the National Command Authority.