Webinar on Commentary on Data Privacy and Security Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions Practice


June 11, 2018
Webinar, Online
1 pm Eastern, 90 minutes

The Sedona Conference Webinar
"Voices From the Desert" Webinar Series
Commentary on Data Privacy and Security Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions Practice

Earlier this month, Working Group 11 on Data Security and Privacy Liability (WG11) announced the publication of The Sedona Conference Commentary on Data Privacy and Security Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions Practice (M&A Commentary) for public comment. The M&A Commentary is available for download here. You may submit your comments and questions on the Commentary by August 7 to [email protected].

We have scheduled a webinar on the M&A Commentary for Monday, June 11, at 1 pm EDT.

In any business acquisition, practitioners must pay careful attention to what their clients are buying or selling, and exercise due diligence to make sure that neither party is entering uncharted territory with hidden dangers or unanticipated obstacles. In the old days, a careful inventory would be made of the physical assets (buildings, materials, supplies, etc.) and intangible assets (patents, trade secrets, contracts, customer lists, etc.) that would be changing hands. No one wanted to buy a building that needed repairs, machinery that wasn’t working, patents that were being challenged, or contracts that with onerous terms; nor was it in the seller's interest to convey potential liabilities.

These days, the most valuable assets involved in a deal are likely to be in the form of data, and M&A practitioners need a new set of skills to identify and evaluate the value and risk these data assets represent, with special attention to the security and privacy obligations that may come with their acquisition. WG11 drafted the M&A Commentary to help practitioners and organizations identify, understand, and evaluate these considerations.

During the 90-minute webinar, a panel of practitioners who helped develop the M&A Commentary will:

  • Present an overview of the M&A Commentary and cover the three critical stages in M&A transactions: determining what they buyer wants to acquire and negotiating appropriate terms; performing due diligence; and considerations at closing and post-closing.
  • Present the M&A Commentary's important practice tools, including a typology of data categories and types that may be implicated in the deal analysis, sample representations and warranties, and sample due diligence requests.

The webinar is scheduled for 90 minutes, during which time you may text your questions to the panel, who will endeavor to address all that time allows.

CLE credit: The Sedona Conference does not apply for CLE accreditation for webinars, but registrants may submit documentation to their respective state CLE office for potential credit.

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The Sedona Conference Working Group 11 on Data Security and Privacy Liability

The mission of Working Group 11 is to identify and comment on trends in data security and privacy law, in an effort to help organizations prepare for and respond to data breaches, and to assist attorneys and judicial officers in resolving questions of legal liability and damages. The Working Group will develop best practices drawn from civil litigation arising from data security and privacy violations, legislative governance of data security and privacy, and regulatory enforcement of data security and privacy laws, in order to help organizations take action before and after a data breach to minimize their legal exposure, to inform affected parties of their rights and responsibilities, and to assist in the coordination of regulatory, law enforcement, and judicial responses to data breach and related incidents.

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