The Sedona Conference Journal® Volume 14

Journal Year: 
September, 2013

Fall 2013

Controlling Government Contractors: Can the False Claims Act be More Effective?
- Reuben Guttman & Jennifer Williams

Compelling a Corporation to Produce Privileged Documents in Individual Prosecutions:
A Critique of the Emerging Compromise

- Karen Patton Seymour & Jeffrey W. Chivers

The Future of Off-Label Promotion Enforcement in the Wake of Caronia - Toward a
First Amendment Safe Harbor

- John C. Richter & Daniel C. Sale

The Attorney-Client Privilege & Discovery of an Infringer’s Intent in Patent Cases
- Ronald J. Schutz & Patrick M. Arenz

Retooling Patent Damages Law for NPE Cases
- Christopher S. Marchese, Michael E. Florey & Juanita R. Brooks

Counsel Courts Keep: Judicial Reliance on Special Masters, Court-Appointed Experts,
& Technical Advisors in Patent Cases

- Josh Hartman & Rachel Krevans

District Court Patent Case Management Post-AIA
- Douglas A. Cawley

An Outsider Looks at a Criminal Antitrust Trial
- Daniel R. Shulman

Administrative Trials at the Federal Trade Commission in Competition Cases
- J. Robert Robertson

Antitrust Judgments in Bench Trials as Evidence: The Unintended Consequences of Section 5(A)
- Margaret M. Zwisler & Amanda P. Reeves

Changing the Way We Try Merger Cases
- J. Thomas Rosch

Legislating for Litigation: Reforms to International Antitrust Litigation Gather Pace
- Ken Daly, Kristina Nordlander & Stephen Dnes

Navigating the Gauntlet: A Survey of Data Privacy Laws in Three Key Latin American Countries
- John C. Eustice & Marc Alain Bohn

The Sedona Conference® Commentary on Proportionality in Electronic Discovery
- The Sedona Conference®

The Sedona Conference® Commentary on Ethics and Metadata
- The Sedona Conference®

The Sedona Conference® Primer on Social Media
- The Sedona Conference®