The Sedona Conference Journal® Volume 16

Journal Year: 
October, 2015

Fall 2015

Publisher’s Note

The Sedona Conference Advisory Board

The 2015 Civil Rules Package as Transmitted to Congress
- Thomas Y. Allman

The “Burdens” of Applying Proportionality
- Hon. Craig B. Shaffer

Damages Theories in Data Breach Litigation
- Eric S. Boos, Chandler Givens, & Nick Larry

High Octane: The New Landscape for Exceptional Case Determinations
- Patrick M. Arenz & Christine S. Yun Sauer

Ensuring Long-Term Availability, Usability, and Trustworthiness of Digital Information
- Charles M. Dollar & Lori J. Ashley

The Impact of Emerging Asia-Pacific Data Protection and Data Residency Requirements
on Transnational Information Governance and Cross-Border Discovery

- M. James Daley, Jason Priebe, & Patrick Zeller

Discovery, Disclosure, and Data Transfer in Asia: China and Hong Kong
- Dana L. Post

The Conflict Between United States Discovery Rules and the Laws of China:
The Risks Have Become Realities

- David Moncure

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Extraterritoriality and Comity
- John DeQ Briggs & Daniel S. Bitton