The Sedona Conference Journal® Volume 18

Journal Year: 
August, 2017

Volume 18, 2017

Publisher’s Note

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The Sedona Conference Advisory Board

The Sedona Conference TAR Case Law Primer
- The Sedona Conference

The Sedona Conference Guidance for the Selection of Electronic Discovery Providers
- The Sedona Conference

The Sedona Conference Commentary on Proportionality in Electronic Discovery
- The Sedona Conference

The Challenge of Collecting Data from Mobile Devices in eDiscovery
- Robert D. Keeling

Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Patent Laws
- Michael Brody, James I. Harlan, Steffen Johnson, Christopher Mills & Peter Bigelow

Diagnosing and Treating Legal Ailments of the Electronic Health Record: Toward an Efficient and Trustworthy Process for Information Discovery and Release
- Hon. Ralph Artigliere, Chad P. Brouillard, Dr. Reed D. Gelzer, Kimberly Reich & Steven Teppler