The Sedona Conference Journal® Volume 11

Journal Year: 
September, 2010

Fall 2010

Reexamination Practice with Concurrent District Court Litigation or Section 337 USITC Investigations
- Robert Greene Sterne, Jon E,Wright, Lori A. Gordon & Byron L. Pickard

Uncharted Waters: Determining Ongoing Royalties for Victorious Patent Holders Denied an Injunction
- Ronald J. Schutz & Patrick M. Arenz

Recent Developments in the Law of Obviousness
- Rachel Krevans & Matthew Chivvis

Refusals to Deal: Is Anything Left; Should There Be?
- Daniel R. Shulman

Personal Reflections on the Economic Foundations of Vertical Restraints
- Howard J. Bergman

The Supreme Court’s 21st Century Section 2 Jurisprudence: Penelope or Thermopylae?
- John DeQ. Briggs & Daniel J. Matheson

Carrots & Sticks: In Defense of a Differentiated Approach to Bundled Discounts & Tying
- Jeane A. Thomas & Ryan C. Tisch

The Plausibility of Pleadings After Twombly & Iqbal
- Robert D. Owen & Travis Mock

Effectiveness of the 2006 Rules Amendments
- Emery G. Lee III

Survey of United States Magistrate Judges on the Effectiveness of the 2006 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
- Emery G. Lee III & Kenneth J.Withers

Preservation Rulemaking After the 2010 Litigation Conference
- Thomas Y. Allman

A Nutshell on Negotiating E-Discovery Search Protocols
- Jason R. Baron & Edward C.Wolfe

An Overview of ESI Storage & Retrieval
- John H. Jessen

E-Discovery in Criminal Matters — Emerging Trends & the Influence of Civil Litigation Principles
- Justin P. Murphy

The Sedona Conference® Commentary on Legal Holds: The Trigger & The Process
- The Sedona ConferenceWorking Group on Electronic Document Retention & Production (WG1)

The Sedona Conference® Commentary on Proportionality in Electronic Discovery
- The Sedona ConferenceWorking Group on Electronic Document Retention & Production (WG1)