The Sedona Conference Journal® - Volume 12

Journal Year: 
September, 2011

Fall 2011

Uncovering Discovery
- Elizabeth J. Cabraser & Katherine Lehe

The State of Discovery Practice in Civil Cases
- Hon. Paul W. Grimm

Skinner, Matrixx, Souter & Posner: Twombly & Iqbal Revisited
- John M. Barkett

Incentives, Rules & Ethics Concerning the Use of Search
Technology in eDiscovery
- Maura R. Grossman & Gordon J. Cormack

Global Data Protection:Whose Rules Govern?
- Dr. Axel Spies

Information Age Catch 22: The Challenge of Technology
to Cross-Border Disclosure & Data Privacy
- M. James Daley

Cross-Border Discovery: Practical Considerations& Solutions for Multinationals
- Christian Zeunert & David Rosenthal

U.S. Approach to Privacy Protection in Litigation
- Steven C. Bennett

Privacy in the Post-Modern Era: An Unrealized Ideal?
- Damon Greer

Non-Practicing Entities & Permanent Injunctions Post-eBay
- Ronald J. Schutz & Patrick M. Arenz

Patent Enforcement Under Section 337 Before the U.S. ITC:Evolution of the Forum to Address a Non-Manufacturing Marketplace
- Robert Greene Sterne, Daniel E. Yonan, Michael D. Specht & Jeremiah B. Frueauf

Antitrust Enforcement Under the Obama Administration
- Sanford M. Litvack, Eric J. Stock & Jason J. Porta

The Application of the Sherman Act to Joint Ventures:
The Law After American Needle
- Gregory J.Werden

Another View of American Needle
- Daniel R. Shulman

Potential Competition Analysis Under the 2010 Merger
- Darren S. Tuck

Market Definition in Complex Internet Markets
- Peter T. Barbur, KyleW. Mach & Jonathan J. Clarke

Why is the U.S. So Different from the Rest of the World in Imposing
Serious Criminal Sanctions on Individual Cartel Participants
- Donald I. Baker

Criminalizing Cartels: A Global Trend?
- Gregory C. Shaffer & Nathaniel H. Nesbitt