The Sedona Conference Journal® - Volume 13

Journal Year: 
September, 2012

Fall 2012

The Past Year in Review: Supreme Court & Federal Circuit Case Law Update
- James W. Morando & Julie Wahlstrand

America Invents Act: The 5 New Post-Issuance Procedures
- Robert Greene Sterne, Eldora L. Ellison, Ph.D., Michelle Holoubek, Deborah A. Sterling, Ph.D., Henry Hadad, Todd Spalding

The Complicated Relationship between Multiple Party Patent Infringement
Liability & Common Law Principles

- Brian Ferrall & Rebekah Punak

Case Management Issues in Patent Infringement Litigation
- Dianne Brown Elderkin & Domingo Manuel LLagostera

Patent Law & Antitrust Law: Neither Friend Nor Foe, But Business Partners
- J. Thomas Rosch

The Role of Antitrust in Evaluating the Competitive Impact of Patent Pooling Arrangements
- Scott Sher, Jonathan Lutinski, and Bradley Tennis

The Search for Clarity in Federal Pleading Standards: Are We Close to Limiting the Intended (and Unintended) Consequences of Twombly & Iqbal?
- Margaret M. Zwisler & Amanda P. Reeves

Thy Kingdom Come: The Rise of Private Damages Actions in the United Kingdom
- Anthony Maton & Simon Latham

Walking the Tightrope: Judicial Management of the Challenges Posed by Coordination of Discovery
Between Simultaneous Class & Individual Actions

- K. Craig Wildfang & Stacey Slaughter

Administrative Housekeeping & Ethical Matters in Mass Tort MDLs & Class Actions
- Christopher A. Seeger & James A. O’Brien III

The Consequences of CAFA: Challenges & Opportunities for the Just, Speedy & Inexpensive Determination of Class and Mass Actions
- Elizabeth J. Cabraser

Concepcion & the Future of Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements
- Aton Arbisser & Darya Pollak

“Defensible” By What Standard?
- Hon. Craig B. Shaffer

Storm Clouds Gathering for Cross-Border Discovery and Data Privacy: Cloud Computing Meets the U.S.A. Patriot Act
- Steven C. Bennett, M. James Daley, Natascha Gerlach

Canada’s Privacy Regime as it Relates to Litigation & Trans-Border Data Flows
- Kelly Friedman

The Sedona Conference® Commentary on Finding the Hidden ROI in Information Assets
- The Sedona Conference®