The Sedona Conference Journal® Volume 10

Journal Year: 
September, 2009

Fall 2009
A New Administration & U.S. Antitrust Enforcement -Daniel R. Shulman
Global Enforcement of Anticompetitive Conduct -Michael D. Hausfeld
Re-examining Trans-Atlantic Similarities & Divergences in Substative & Procedural Competition Law -Dr. Philip Marsden & Peter Whelan
Coordination Among National Antitrust Agencies -Kris Dekeyser, Mario Siragusa, Douglas Rosenthal & David Golden
Intellectual Property & Antitrust: Two Scorpions in a Bottle -John DeQ. Briggs
Observations from the Field: ACPERA’s First Five Years -Michael D. Hausfeld, Michael P. Lehmann & Megan E. Jones
Reexamination Practice with Concurrent District Court Litigation or Section 337 USITC Investigations -Robert Greene Sterne, Jon E. Wright & Lori A. Gordon
The Parallel Universes of the USITC & the District Courts -Cecilia H. Gonzalez, Juliana M. Cofrancesco & Nikole R. Salata
Proving Willful Infringement Post-Seagate: Don’t Divorce the WIllfulness Analysis from its Tort Foundations as an Intent Inquiry -Ronald James Schutz & Brenda L. Joly
The "Elevated Evidentiary Burden" to Prove Inequitable Conduct -Terrence P. McMahon & Mary B. Boyle
Conducting eDiscovery After the Amendments: The Second Wave -Thomas Y. Allman
Federal Rule of Evidence 502(d) & Compelled Quick Peek Productions -Martin R. Lueck & Patrick M. Arenz
The Protective Order Tookit: Protecting Privilege with Federal Rule of Evidence 502 -Patrick L. Oot
In Rem, Quasi In Rem, & Virtual In Rem Jurisdiction Over Discovery -Elizabeth J. Cabraser
eDiscovery, Privacy & the Transfer of Data Across Borders: Proposed Solutions for Cutting the Gordian Knot -Moze Cowper & Amor Esteban
Changing Privacy & Data Protection in Japan -Dr. Hiroshi Miyashita
The Sedona Conference® Commentary on Preservation, Management & Identification of Sources of Information that are Not Reasonably Accessible -The Sedona Conference®
The Sedona Conference® Commentary on Achieving Quality in the eDiscovery Process - The Sedona Conference®

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