Webinar on The Sedona Conference U.S. Biometric Systems Privacy Primer (Public Comment Version)

The Sedona Conference U.S. Biometric Systems Privacy Primer ("Primer") (download here) - recently published for public comment - provides a general introduction of biometric systems and a summary of existing U.S. laws regulating the collection, use, and sharing of the biometric information these technologies collect.

The Primer is written as a resource for lawyers, judges, legislators, and other policymakers. It provides a general guide to the relationships among the technical, legal, and policy aspects of biometric systems - with a particular focus on the privacy and related concerns these systems may raise.

In this webinar, the panel of drafting team members will provide an overview of the Primer and solicit your input on what might be added or amended.

The panel will also discuss how they anticipate that the Primer can be most effectively utilized, and by whom.

Of course, written feedback is also most welcome, via email to [email protected] by April 8, 2024.


Kenneth J. Withers
The Sedona Conference
Phoenix, AZ, USA


Cleveland State University College of Law

Cleveland, OH, USA


Fegan Scott LLC

New York, NY USA

Berkeley Research Group

Chicago, IL, USA

Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP

New York, NY, USA