Technology Resource Panel

The mission of the Technology Resource Panel is to provide input to the Working Groups when they are working on an issue involving the use of technology or services provided by electronic discovery or electronic information governance service providers, and to help create tools and solutions that will benefit the entire marketplace. The Technology Resource Panel was formed in the belief that a well-informed marketplace, speaking in the same language, will ultimately lead to reduced transaction costs for all parties, higher quality, and greater predictability.

The Technology Resource Panel consists of two halves: a "User Group," a sub-group of Working Group 1, whose members regularly negotiate and work with service providers; and a panel of service provider members, who have agreed to work with the User Group's output, and who provide input along the way. The Technology Resource Panel has published The Sedona Conference Glossary for E-Discovery and Digital Information Management, now in its fourth edition, and Guidance for the Selection of Electronic Discovery Providers, and has other projects in progress, including a mobile application for the Glossary and other publications of The Sedona Conference. The goal of these publications is to help users of eDiscovery service providers to develop business engagements in this area in a manner that allows for more effective communication between user and provider, enhanced by the ability to compare "apples to apples", and ultimately reduce transaction costs and create more predictable outcomes in this area. In addition, our Working Groups often call upon the Technology Resource Panel to vet works in progress to ensure they are technologically accurate and neutral.

Technology Resource Panel Publications

The Sedona Conference Glossary: E-Discovery & Digital Management, Fifth Edition
Guidance for the Selection of Electronic Discovery Providers

Articles by Technology Resource Panel Members

The topics are intended to initiate dialogue, so they may be provocative. The views expressed are those of the individual contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Sedona Conference, The Sedona Conference Working Groups, or any of the Sponsors. The topics are to ensure the Sedona tradition of open and respectful dialogue, and must not constitute commercial promotion.

Your Employee May Be Wearing His Alibi-Or Your Evidence by Warren Kruse, Consilio (April, 2020)
The Internet of All Things: Collecting the Right Data For Your Case by Warren Kruse, Paul McVoy and Kevin Chang (February, 2017)
Not Your Father's Drives: Data Doesn't Last Forever by Robert Kruse and Warren Kruse, Altep Data Forensics (July, 2016)

Technology Resource Panel Members

The Technology Resource Panel User Group members are: Lea Bays, Andrea L. D'Ambra, Jeannine Kenney, Heather Kolasinsky, Scott Milner, Robb Snow and Caroline Sweeney.

Listed below are the service provider members of the Panel. The Sedona Conference makes no representations or warranties, implied or expressed, with respect to the services provided by any of the listed members beyond the statement that by agreeing to be listed, they have represented that they will operate within the context of the publications and projects of the Technology Resource Panel.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

The Technology Resource Panel is open to any interested entity that provides products or services in the areas of eDiscovery or information governance. Being on the Technology Resource Panel provides several benefits in addition to contributing to a worthy and important effort, including:

  • representing to your potential customer base that you are interested in competing on the basis of quality and cost;
  • representing to your potential customer base that you will enter into a business engagement in the manner recommended by the Panel, thus making their (and your) job easier;
  • a listing on the Technology Resource Panel page of our website (with a link to your own website);
  • the ability to send two representatives to the annual meeting (generally held prior to and at the same location as the Working Group 1 meeting each spring, no separate registration fee);
  • royalty-free reprint rights for the Panel's publications (excluding for CLE purposes) and the ability to post special “reprint” versions on your website;
  • a special logo used exclusively by Technology Resource Panel members; and
  • first preference for the opportunity to be an exhibitor at our TSCI programs and certain other programs of The Sedona Conference.

Open Invitation to Join the Technology Resource Panel

If you are interested in joining, please send us an email at [email protected], or call at 602-258-4910.