Patricio Delgado


Patricio is Vice President of Pricing and FRAND Compliance for IPR & Licensing at Ericsson. He is responsible for ensuring that Ericsson’s patent licensing approach, pricing, and cross licenses are FRAND, as well as for leading new initiatives connected to 5G. Before taking on this role, Patricio headed Ericsson’s 5G program within IPR & Licensing, guiding all aspects of Ericsson’s IPR approach to 5G. Prior to that, he headed Ericsson’s emerging market licensing program, and worked as senior counsel on various activities around the world related to Ericsson’s 2G, 3G, and 4G patent portfolios, which included portfolio development, pricing, licensing, sales and acquisitions, and litigation. Before joining Ericsson, Patricio practiced patent law at Baker Botts, representing telecom companies in patent litigations in the U.S. He received his legal education at Harvard Law School and his undergraduate education at Stanford University.