Kathleen Paisley

International Arbitrator, Ambos Lawyers

Kathleen is an American lawyer who has been practicing in Belgium and England for more than 25 years. She combines a degree from the Yale Law School with an MBA in Finance and has passed the Certified Public Accountancy exam. Kathleen specializes in representing clients in international dispute resolution matters, including arbitration, mediation and litigation; (commercial and contract matters related to IP/IT/internet/e-commerce/data protection; contentious and non-contentious matters before the EU institutions, including competition, trade, and other regulatory matters related to IP/internet/e-commerce/data protection; and EU and Belgian regulatory compliance matters related to data protection, e-commerce, health care, pharmaceuticals, IP, ICT, foreign corrupt practices and money laundering. Kathleen’s sector specific experience focuses primarily on four key economic sectors: ICT, internet, e-commerce, and multi-media; health care, biotech and pharmaceuticals; energy; and construction and issues related thereto.