John Thorne

Kellogg, Hansen, Todd, Figel & Frederick, PLLC

John represents plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation and before law enforcement agencies. In patent cases, he won one of the first injunctions following eBay; he led a tech company effort to reinvigorate Section 101 of the Patent Act, resulting in Mayo; he has been trial counsel to tech companies in district courts, the ITC, and before the PTO. In antitrust cases, he won Supreme Court decisions affirming that dominant firms may freely switch suppliers (Discon) and make investments without sharing (Trinko), and that complaints must be plausible (Twombly); he has defended and initiated investigations by the competition agencies. In other IP cases, he won a decision overturning ICANN’s refusal to award Amazon the domain name “.amazon”; he won a first ever rate reduction at the Copyright Royalty Board. In constitutional litigation, he won a First Amendment decision striking down a federal ban on video speech.