Dr. Marissa S. Beyers

Trial Behavior Consulting, Inc.

Marissa is CEO and Senior Jury Consultant of Trial Behavior Consulting. She is a social psychologist recognized for her expertise in developing winning strategies, including in jury selection, pre-trial research, witness preparation, courtroom communication and graphics. Marissa has consulted on several high exposure cases where she has worked hand in hand with trial teams from the facilitation of pre-trial research extending through trial to a successful outcome. She works on a broad range of cases but has developed a special expertise in high damages product liability, personal injury, fraud, securities, and health care litigation. She leads a consulting team overseeing major serial litigation and has worked with trial counsel to develop and refine strategies that have yielded significant success. She regularly conducts training on best practices for the large team of lawyers trying these cases. Marissa received her Ph.D. from Brigham Young University.