Corban S. Rhodes

DiCello Levitt LLP

Corban litigates cybersecurity and data privacy matters on behalf of consumers. Working at the intersection of law and technology, Corban focuses on cases that involve the intentional misuse or misappropriation of consumer data and data breaches caused by negligence or malfeasance. He has served on the litigation teams of some of the country’s most historic and groundbreaking data privacy cases. These include the historic $650 million settlement in the Facebook Biometric Information Privacy Litigation matter, the first case to claim biometric privacy rights of consumers under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. Corban also represented consumers in the Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Breach Security Litigation, which stemmed from the largest known data breach in history. He currently represents consumers in pivotal web browser privacy cases, including Calhoun v. Google and the Google RTB Consumer Privacy Litigation