Christabel Randolph

Center for AI and Digital Policy

Christabel is Associate Director at the Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP). At CAIDP, she oversees and manages the U.S. AI Law & Policy Group. She also supervises the CAIDP and Yale Tech Policy Center's "The Public Voice in AI" project. Christabel was a Public Interest Technology Fellow at Georgetown University Law Center, researching and writing on geopolitical considerations of emerging technology. She has featured in AI expert series and panels at the MIT’s EmTech Digital, Atlantic Council, Berkeley's CITRIS Policy Lab, and the Privacy+Security Forum. A lawyer of 12+ years, Christabel has worked in leadership positions across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Christabel regularly collaborates with global majority organizations on digital rights and digital economy. She dedicates time to the School of Hope for slum-dwelling children in Bangladesh, and as Board Member of World Concern operating Microfinance for ultra-poor women in Bangladesh. .