Courtney Bowman

Palantir Technologies

Courtney is Global Director of Privacy and Civil Liberties Engineering at Palantir Technologies. His work addresses the confluence of issues at the intersection of policy, law, technology, ethics, and social norms. In working extensively with government and commercial partners, his team focuses on enabling Palantir to build and deploy data integration, sharing, and analysis software that respects and reinforces privacy, security, and data protection principles and community expectations. In his role, Courtney also works with the privacy advocacy world at large to ensure that concerns related to new and emerging technologies and data sources are addressed in the ongoing design and implementation of Palantir’s software platforms. He is co-author of The Architecture of Privacy, which provides a multidisciplinary framework for designing and building privacy-protective information systems. Courtney is a frequent commentator on issues surrounding AI ethics, efficacy, and operationalization. Prior to Palantir, Bowman earned degrees in Physics and Philosophy at Stanford University and worked as a quantitative and economic analyst at Google.