Jenifer Johnston

City of Portland

Jenifer is a Senior Deputy City Attorney with the Office of City Attorney in Portland. She has been with the Office since 1998 and became a Senior Deputy in 2013. Jenifer’s litigation practice emphasizes employment and civil rights litigation in state and federal court. She is currently working on a citywide legal records management project to develop, implement, and administer citywide policies and practices to manage electronic and other records in the context of public records requests, litigation, discovery requests, legal holds, and subpoenas. Jenifer was formerly an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Oregon where she litigated employment, civil rights, and environmental matters. She is a past chair of the United States District Court Historical Society for the District of Oregon and a past chair of the Civil Rights Section of the Oregon State Bar. She is a graduate of Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College, magna cum laude, and has taught Appellate Advocacy and the Appellate Moot Court team at the Lewis and Clark Law School