Steven S. Gensler

University of Oklahoma College of Law

Steve is the Welcome D. & W. DeVier Pierson Professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. He teaches a wide range of classes addressing courts and procedure including Civil Procedure, Federal Courts, Conflicts of Law, Complex Litigation, and Electronic Discovery. From 2005 to 2011, Steve served as a member of the Advisory Committee for the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Steve’s publications include A Bull’s-Eye View of Cooperation in Discovery, 10 Sedona Conf. J. 363 (Fall 2009 Supp.), The Reappearing Judge, 61 Kan. L. Rev. 849 (2013) (with Hon. Lee H. Rosenthal), and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Rules and Commentary (West 2017). He recently served as co-moderator of the ABA’s 17-City Proportionality Roadshow and is a member of the Council of the American Law Institute.