Sandra Potter

Indicium Legal Consulting

Sandra is an internationally recognized expert in the field of law and technology, with a remarkable depth of specialist knowledge in the areas of document management, litigation support and the adoption of technology to control both paper-based and electronic material. Her in-depth knowledge of the legal profession and its unique workplace culture is the result of her career spanning more than twenty years as a prominent legal technology consultant for law firms and the courts throughout Australia and globally. Sandra sits on the Steering Committee of The Sedona Conference® Working Group 6, which addresses cross border litigation issues and has contributed to a number of papers related to this issue. She regularly speaks at eDiscovery seminars and conferences, in Australia and internationally, regarding the use of legal technology, and maintains a continuous working relationship with law firms, Ministries and courts in a number of jurisdictions. Sandra has been published extensively in the law and technology profession, in particular, eJustice – Using Information Communication Technologies in the Court System – The eCourt Roadmap: Innovation and Integration.