Alexander Filip

Data Protection Authority of Bavaria for the Private Sector

As a Head of Department at the DPA of Bavaria, Alexander is responsible in particular for international data transfers. He has been working on several applications for Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs), for which the DPA of Bavaria has been acting as lead authority or DPA co-reviewer in EU-wide BCR approval procedures. The Bavarian DPA is frequently confronted with issues regarding international data transfers in the cloud computing environment, which include questions relating to the content of data transfer contracts used for transferring data from the EU to cloud providers in third countries. Alexander has been a participant in the Subgroup on International Transfers of the Article 29 Working Party since 2010, and was appointed the Subgroup’s representative of the DPAs of the German Länder in 2015. In this context, he has regularly worked on the drafting of Working Documents and other representations of the Article 29 Working Party on international data transfer issues. He has also been involved in the Working Party’s analysis of the draft adequacy decision of the European Commission on the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, which was published on 13 April 2016. Moreover, Alexander is also interested in questions related to the impact of U.S. e-discovery and pre- trial discovery on personal data to which EU law applies. Alexander’s publications include articles on international data transfers, particularly with respect to Binding Corporate Rules and e-discovery, and also some rather general data protection issues.