Christian Zeunert

UBS AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Christian is Executive Director and Global eDiscovery Counsel of UBS AG. He and his team work to manage the efficient and complete retrieval, review and production of materials in internal investigations, regulatory investigations and litigation for all business divisions. Christian is also responsible for coordination with information governance, IT, privacy and cross-border electronic data, and confidentiality management within the context of eDiscovery. He is a well-known speaker who has authored several articles on eDiscovery and data protection, such as in The Sedona Conference Journal and a chapter in the first German-language eDiscovery book. He is a member of the Steering Committee of The Sedona Conference Working Group 6 on International Electronic Information Management, Discovery, and Disclosure (WG6) and part of the senior editor team for The Sedona Conference International Principles on Discovery, Disclosure & Data Protection: Best Practices, Recommendations & Principles for Addressing the Preservation & Discovery of Protected Data in U.S. Litigation.