Webinar on ESI in the Criminal Justice System – From Pre-Indictment Investigation to Trial 2016

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Webinar, AZ
United States

Time:    February 10, 2016 from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Eastern (90 minutes) The Sedona Conference Webinar on ESI in the Criminal Justice System – From Pre-Indictment Investigation to Trial On February 10, 2016, The Sedona Conference will host its third webinar on the collection and use of electronically stored information (ESI) in criminal cases, from initial investigation through trial. Not surprisingly, given the proliferation of electronic information for good or ill in our society, there have been significant developments in Fourth and Fifth Amendment jurisprudence since the landmark Supreme Court decisions of Jones and Riley. Courts continue to grapple with issues arising out of the permissible scope of search warrants, the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination, and on authentication and admissibility of ESI at trial. A circuit split now exists on the applicability of the search warrant requirement to cell phone location information (CSLI). Building on the two webinars The Sedona Conference presented in 2015, a distinguished faculty will discuss the relevant statutes, case law, and law enforcement policies, and provide practical tips on investigation, prosecution, and defense. Topics for dialogue will include: The Fourth Amendment and the "reasonable expectation of privacy" in our digital world Jones, Riley, and beyond - what does Supreme Court jurisprudence suggest about the warrant requirement and cell phone tracking Surveillance and collection of evidence from social media Ex ante conditions on search warrants for ESI The Fifth Amendment and compelled decryption of electronic devices Authentication, admissibility, and testimony about ESI During the webinar, the panel will address your live text questions. You can view system requirements here. We do not apply for MCLE accreditation of webinars. However, attendees are welcome to apply on their own. Please note - if you register later than 24 hours in advance of the webinar, we cannot guarantee access to the live webinar, only access to the materials and the webinar recording. The materials will be posted on this page before the webinar (you need to be logged in to access). The webinar slide deck and the webinar recording will be posted upon conclusion of the live webinar. Panelists: Donna Elm,Federal Defender's Office, Tampa, FL Deborah A. Freier, Cyber Crimes Unit, Essex County Prosecutor's Office, NJ Ronald J. Hedges, Ronald J. Hedges LLC, Hackensack, NJ Janet Levine, Crowell & Moring, Los Angeles, CA Hon. Anthony E. Porcelli, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida, Tampa, FL Daniel Shapiro,Assistant U.S. Attorney, Newark, NJ Kenneth J. Withers, The Sedona Conference, Phoenix, AZ