The Sedona Conference Journal® Volume 3

Journal Year: 
September, 2002

Fall 2002
The Monopolist’s Duty to Deal - Prof. George A. Hay
Whither Predatory Pricing? The Divergence Between Judicial Decisions & Economic Theory - Charles E. Koob
Market Power, Consumer Harm & Exclusive Dealing with Distributors - Jonathan M. Jacobson
Settlements in Hatch-Waxman Act Patent Litigation: Resolving Conflicting Intellectual Property & Antitrust Concerns - Bruce R. Genderson
Business Method Patents: Far From a Settled Issue - Donald R. Dunner & Richard L. Rainey
Markman: An Infringer’s Delight; An Inventor’s Nightmare - Raymond P. Niro & Joseph N. Hosteny, III
Is DOE DOA? - Robert A. Sterne & Steven R. Ludwig
Tendering Advice of Counsel in Patent Litigation: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t - Patricia Thayer & Elizabeth Brown
The Peer Review & Self-Evaluation Privileges & Immunities: Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far? - Rodney H. Lawson & Charles Josef Blanchard
The Assault on the Attorney-Client Privilege & Work Product Doctrine in the Tobacco Wars - Robert F. McDermott, Jr.
The Use of the False Claims Act in Quality of Care Cases - Robert Salcido
Mikes v. Straus: Obstacle to Nursing Home Quality of Care Cases? - Stuart I. Silverman & Sidney Rocke
New Evidence in the World of Litigating Health Care Compliance Cases: The Compliance Effectiveness Study - Lori S. Richardson Pelliccioni
Questioning the Judicial Role in Dealing with Expert Testimony in Complex & Non-Complex Cases - Prof. Stephen A. Saltzburg
Expert Witnesses: Pitfalls Posed by the Discovery Process - David H. Marion & Christopher Pushaw
Federal Discovery Under the 2000 Amendments to Rule 26 - Robert E. B. Allen, Charles S. Price & Pamela J. P. Donison

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