The Sedona Conference Journal® Volume 6

Journal Year: 
September, 2005

Fall 2005
State Merger Enforcement - Robert L. Hubbard & Sondra Roberto
Role of Customer Complaints & Testimony in Merger Enforcement Post-Arch Coal & Oracle - Robert W. Doyle, Jr. & Neil Ray
Private Party Merger Challenges - David A. Balto
The Role of Economics in Antitrust (Public Comment Version) - The Sedona Conference® WG3
Limits on Patentability in Life Sciences: Claims Covering Expressed Sequence Tags - William F. Lee, Seth P. Waxman, Henry N. Won & Richard W. O’Neill
Divided Infringement Claims - Mark A. Lemley, David O’Brien, Ryan M. Kent, Ashok Ramani & Robert Van Nest
Footnote 17: Love, Hate & Markman - Mark T. Banner
Privileged Communications with Alleged Willful Infringers Post-Knorr-Bremse - Lynne Maher & Lynn Pasabow
War: The Mother of All Torts? - Tim Taylor
Class Action Attorney Fees: The Key Role of the Federal District Judge - R. Eric Kennedy
Best Practices Addressing Protective Orders, Confidentiality & Public Access in Civil Cases (Public Comment Version) - The Sedona Conference® WG2
Towards a Federal Benchmarking Standard for Evaluating Information Retrieval Products Used in E-Discovery - Jason R. Baron

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