The Sedona Conference Journal Volume 11

Carrots & Sticks: In Defense of a Differentiated Approach to Bundled Discounts & Tying

The Plausibility of Pleadings After Twombly & Iqbal

Effectiveness of the 2006 Rules Amendments

A Nutshell on Negotiating E-Discovery Search Protocols

E-Discovery in Criminal Matters — Emerging Trends & the Influence of Civil Litigation Principles

Preservation Rulemaking After the 2010 Litigation Conference

An Overview of ESI Storage & Retrieval

Reexamination Practice with Concurrent District Court Litigation or Section 337 USITC Investigations

Survey of United States Magistrate Judges on the Effectiveness of the 2006 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Uncharted Waters: Determining Ongoing Royalties for Victorious Patent Holders Denied an Injunction

Recent Developments in the Law of Obviousness

Refusals to Deal: Is Anything Left; Should There Be?

Personal Reflections on the Economic Foundations of Vertical Restraints

The Supreme Court’s 21st Century Section 2 Jurisprudence: Penelope or Thermopylae?

The Sedona Conference Commentary on Proportionality in Electronic Discovery

The Sedona Conference Commentary on Legal Holds: The Trigger & The Process