The Sedona Conference Journal Volume 14

Compelling a Corporation to Produce Privileged Documents in Individual Prosecutions: A Critique of the Emerging Compromise

The Future of Off-Label Promotion Enforcement in the Wake of Caronia - Toward a First Amendment Safe Harbor

The Attorney-Client Privilege & Discovery of an Infringer's Intent in Patent Cases

Retooling Patent Damages Law for NPE Cases

Counsel Courts Keep: Judicial Reliance on Special Masters, Court-Appointed Experts, & Technical Advisors in Patent Cases

District Court Patent Case Management Post-AIA

An Outsider Looks at a Criminal Antitrust Trial

Administrative Trials at the Federal Trade Commission in Competition Cases

Antitrust Judgments in Bench Trials as Evidence: The Unintended Consequences of Section 5(A)

Changing the Way We Try Merger Cases

Legislating for Litigation: Reforms to International Antitrust Litigation Gather Pace

Navigating the Gauntlet: A Survey of Data Privacy Laws in Three Key Latin American Countries

Controlling Government Contractors: Can the False Claims Act be More Effective?

The Sedona Conference Commentary on Ethics and Metadata

The Sedona Conference Commentary on Proportionality in Electronic Discovery

The Sedona Conference Primer on Social Media