The Sedona Conference Journal Volume 7

The Sedona Conference Commentary on the Role of Economics in Antitrust Law

The Doctrine of Willful Patent Infringement After Knorr-Bremse: Practical Problems & Recommendations

The Impact of the Proposed Federal eDiscovery Rules

Thoughts on Exclusive Dealing & Related Practices

Evolution of Exclusive Dealing Law

Fitting a Square Peg Into a Round Hole: Competitive Bidding & Price Discrimination

Do Intellectual Property Laws Promote Competition & Innovation?

The Patent Troll Myth

September 2006

Claim Construction: A Plea for Deference

Who is a Troll? Not a Simple Answer

The Sedona Conference Report on the Markman Process (Public Comment Version)

Trying Mass Torts

September 2006

Class Settlements of Mass Tort Cases

Electronically Stored Information: The December 2006 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure