The Sedona Conference Journal Volume 8

Solving Hobson’s Choice: Suggested Changes to Willfulness Law in the Wake of Knorr-Bremise & Echostar

Updates on the Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege

Protection of the Attorney-Client Privilege in Criminal Investigations

The Status & Content of Solicitor-Client Privilege in Canada: Questions Still Unanswered

Comparative Approaches to the Attorney-Client Privilege in the US, Canada, UK & EU

The Practical Implications of Proposed Rule 502

Search & Information Retrieval Science

The TREC Legal Track: Origins & Reflections on the First Year

Not Your Mother’s Rule 26(f) Conference Anymore

The Future of U.S. Federal Antitrust Enforcement: Learning from Past & Current Influences

Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Cards: Amnesty Developments in the U.S. & Current Issues

The Ancillary Restraints Doctrine After Dagher

Claim Construction & Implicit Definitions Based on the Specifications Since Phillips

If It Takes Two to Tango, Do they Conspire? Twombly & Standards of Pleading Conspiracy

The Sedona Conference Best Practices Commentary on the Use of Search & Information Retrieval Methods in E-Discovery

The Sedona Conference Introduction to the Legal & Economic Issues at the Intersection of Patent & Antitrust Laws

The Sedona Conference Commentary on Email Management: Guidelines for Selection of Retention Policy

The Sedona Guidelines: Best Practices Addressing Protective Orders, Confidentiality & Public Access in Civil Cases