Leeanne Mancari Succeeds David Shonka as Chair of the WG6 Steering Committee

As previously announced, David Shonka accepted the position of Chair Emeritus of the WG6 Steering Committee. At the conclusion of the Steering Committee meeting yesterday, February 7, David began serving as Chair Emeritus. As Chair Emeritus, David will continue to attend all Steering Committee meetings and conference calls and participate in all of the business of the Steering Committee. We thank David for his exemplary service as Chair and look forward to his continued service to WG6 as Chair Emeritus.

The Sedona Conference can also report that Leeanne Mancari began her term as Chair of the WG6 Steering Committee effective at the conclusion of yesterday’s Steering Committee meeting. Before becoming Chair, Leeanne’s leadership on the Steering Committee included service as Vice Chair. Leeanne has made significant contributions to the work of WG6 and has demonstrated strong skills in organizing and leading teams doing the important work of WG6. I again thank Leeanne for agreeing to serve as Chair.

We also appreciate the continued dedication and support of the WG6 members who comprise the Steering Committee. They are: Leeanne Mancari (Chair), Franziska Fuchs, Eric Mandel, Nichole Sterling, Dino Wilkinson, Judicial Emeritus James Francis, and Chair Emeriti Amor Esteban, Natascha Gerlach, Taylor Hoffman, and David Shonka.

With my best regards,

Craig Weinlein
Executive Director

Announcement Date: 
Thursday, February 8, 2024