Working Group 1 Virtual Town Hall: Are Reports of the Document's Demise Greatly Exaggerated?

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Location: Online (Zoom)

Time: 4 to 5:30 p.m. EDT

The Sedona Conference Glossary: eDiscovery & Digital Information Management, Fifth Edition, 21 SEDONA CONF. J. 263 (2020), defines “document” as: “A collection of pages or files produced manually or by a software application, constituting a logical single communication of information, but consisting of more than a single stand-alone record. Examples include a fax cover, the faxed letter, and an attachment to the letter, . . .”

However, ESI and electronic communications increasingly bear little resemblance to digital representations of their paper ancestors. Instead, modern electronic communications and collaborative channels and platforms defy traditional definitions of “document,”  “record,” “attachment,” or “unitization.” No longer readily identifiable as familiar containers of information, they more resemble snapshots in time of a confluence of data flows that often originate from and live in multiple places.

These amorphisms may present significant challenges for the conduct of the discovery lifecycle, particularly identification, preservation & collection, search & retrieval, production, and presentation. Please join our panel of eDiscovery-savvy legal professionals as they lead an open conversation about whether the definition and traditional notion of a “document” is dead for purposes of eDiscovery, and what the implications may be for best practices.

The Town Hall will begin with an overview discussion among our dialogue leaders. The audience will then have an opportunity to discuss and brainstorm on the topic both collectively and in smaller breakout sessions. Takeaways and action items will be noted and shared with all to inform the ongoing mission of WG1 and guide its future publication projects.

Participation is free to all current Working Group Series members, but advance registration is required. Registrants will receive a Zoom invitation and instructions two days before the event.

Dialogue Leaders


Irwin, PA, USA

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, ON, Canada

Troutman Pepper
Troutman Pepper

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