Time Session Panelists
  Wednesday, April 14, 2021 (all times EDT)  
12:00 – 12:15 Welcome & overview Meal, Weinlein, Withers
12:15 — 1:30 Interpreting and applying "risk-of-harm" triggers in breach notification statutes Cattanach*, Keller, Moss, O'Neill, Sella-Villa, Wescott
1:30 —1:45 Break  
1:45 —2:45 Federal preemption of U.S. state privacy and data security statutes: What are the dividing lines? Falk, Kriger*, Robinson, Trilling, Vanaskie
2:45 —3:00 Break  
3:00 —4:15 Has the time come for a second edition of the WG11 Commentary on Application of Attorney-Client Privilege and Work-Product Protection to Documents and Communications Generated in the Cybersecurity Context? Baxter-Kauf*, Cohen, Kosseff, Romine, Stella
4:15 — 5:15 Reception  
Time Session Panelists
  Thursday, April 15, 2021 (all times EDT)  
12:00 — 1:15 What are the legal and policy bases and considerations for and against outright bans of facial recognition technology?  Berger, Clayton, Hartzog, Promislow*, Ritvo
1:15 — 1:30 Break  
1:30 — 2:30 WG11 town hall Drum, Jorgensen, Keller, Kriger, Meal*, Moncure, Pizzirusso, Promislow, Saikali, Wilan
2:30 —2:45 Break  
2:45 — 4:00 COVID-19 related data collection and processing: Navigating the potential conflict between public health needs and privacy and data security mandates Moncure, Moss, Schroeder, Solomon, Wilan*


4:00 — 4:05 Closing Meal, Weinlein

*Panel Moderator