Time Session Panelists
  Monday, 7 June 2021 (all times EDT)  
10:00 — 10:15 Welcome and overview Massey, Weinlein, Withers
10:15 — 11:30 GDPR three years on: From the page to practice Backhouse*, Greenstein, Harriman, Liguori, McDermott
  The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went fully into effect on 25 May 2018. We convene online just over three years later, at a time when organizations and regulators are facing the challenge of operationalizing, and enforcing, privacy and data security compliance programs of all shapes and sizes. A panel of distinguished practitioners will focus on how organizations and regulators are grappling with their respective obligations under the GDPR and what a defensible compliance program looks like in practice.  
11:30 — 12:00 Break  
12:00 — 13:15 Information governance roundtable Artz, Brupbacher*, Harriman, Louveaux, McDermott
  Leading in‐house legal and technical professionals from global corporations will lead a dialogue on information governance considerations pertaining to cross‐border data transfers, privacy, and data security that organizations should be focused on to facilitate and monitor compliance and minimize legal exposure. They will discuss how their information governance programs are organized, changes to these programs in light of new data protection regimes, and investigation of data incidents, both in terms of internal corporate compliance and external consumer‐facing programs. They will share how interactions with regulators have changed under GDPR and offer perspectives on how they are addressing the challenge of competing legal regimes and requirements developing outside of the EU.  
Time Session Panelists
  Tuesday, 8 June 2021 (all times EDT)  
10:00 — 11:45 Data protection authority (DPA) roundtable Buchta, Greenstein, Jelinek, Jones, O'Carroll, Schroeder*, Wimmer
  Global DPAs will lead a dialogue on their respective challenges and priorities in both their enforcement and advisory roles under global data protection regimes. The dialogue will also address technological developments being adopted and implemented in business, such as the use of end‐to‐end encryption in international transfers, ephemeral messaging, and artificial intelligence (AI), and how they are shaping the outlook of regulators, legislators, and organizations.  
Time Session Panelists
  Wednesday, 9 June 2021 (all times EDT)  
10:00 — 11:15 Taking a different path: Privacy and data security in China Dickinson, Jiang, Shi, Sun, Withers*
  The People's Republic of China (PRC) has implemented several new laws significantly impacting privacy and data security, including the Multi‐Level Protection Scheme (MLPS), the foreign investment law, and the cryptography law. This panel will unpack these relatively new laws, explore their practical consequences for doing business in China or with Chinese‐based entities, and lead a dialogue on practical suggestions for maintaining the integrity of personal data, client confidences, and intellectual property.  
11:15 — 11:45 Break  
11:45 — 13:00 A global issue: Extraterritorial reach of privacy and data security laws and regulations Buchta, Jones, Louveaux, Massey*, Wimmer
  Privacy and data security laws and regulations are proliferating internationally. Some purport to be comprehensive, some are sector‐specific, and others address very narrow situations. No matter what the intended scope of the laws, they may contain provisions that intentionally, incidentally, or inadvertently reach outside the borders of the nation, state, province, or municipality that adopted them, leading to compliance headaches, traps for the unwary, and occasional litigation over applicability or enforceability. Even "data localization," which may appear to be strictly domestic, may have significant extraterritorial impact on foreign and multinational organizations. This panel will present concrete examples, explore the applicable principles of long‐arm jurisdiction and choice‐of-law, and propose strategies for the avoidance or resolution of conflicts.  
13:00 — 13:15 Closing Massey, Weinlein

*Panel Moderator